PIAA ready for dialogue with re-elected federal government

PIAA ready for dialogue with re-elected federal government
Printing Industries says small business, tax, education and energy are at the top of its to do list in ongoing discussions with the federal government

With the federal coalition reinstated for a third term in power the Printing Industries Association of Australia says it will continue ongoing negotiations to improve operating conditions within the printing, packaging and visual communications sector.

PIAA chief executive officer Andrew MacCaulay has congratulated the federal coalition on its hard fought win on Saturday with it now holding 76 seats in the federal parliament with four still being counted.

Macaulay says with the election now decided he will continue lobbying the government for a better deal for printing businesses with increasing the definition of a small business to one that employees between 15 and 25 staff.

Other items on the hit list include reducing red tape for small business and securing a simplified tax system for the sector.

Funding for apprenticeships and traineeships across the sector will also continue, as will the push for secure, stable, reliable and cheap energy.

 “We look forward to continued open dialogue and to further strengthen our working relationship with both the government and the opposition,” Macaulay said.

“We want to work with the government and the parliament to make Australia the best place in the world to do business. So Australians can have the jobs, living standards and opportunities to which they aspire.”



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