Aurora Labs signs medical implants deal

Aurora Labs signs medical implants deal
Aurora Labs branches into producing 3D medical implants in new collaboration

West Australian 3D printing pioneer Aurora Labs has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Western Australia and the Royal Perth Hospital to produce human titanium medical implants.

As part of the arrangement Aurora Labs will provide the university and hospital with a S Titanium Pro 3D small format printer and metallic consumable powders, with the UWA conducting research to optimise implant characteristics for tissue growth and assess the materials for consistent printing results.

The RPH will provide designs of craniology plates for printing and consult on the cranioplasty application after printing.

The next step in the process is for all parties to apply to the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) for an innovations grant of approximately $26,000, Aurora Labs said in a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

Among the objectives of the project is the development of a 'how to' instructional guide for printing the human medical implants using the Aurora printer.

Aurora Labs managing director David Budge says the partnership is a significant achievement for Aurora.

"This is an exciting collaboration and we are extremely pleased to be working with UWA and RPH, two leading entities in Australia," Budge said in a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

"This partnership is a significant achievement for Aurora, it enhances our credibility, as well as certifying the potential application of additive manufacturing to the healthcare industry.

"It also demonstrates the advancement of additive manufacturing into multiple fields. The diversified use of titanium across a range of industries is well known, but in the medical field titanium is the most compatible metal with the human body.

"The suitability of Aurora's technology can service the need for on-demand medical implants that are customised to the patient."

Earlier this year Aurora signed a joint venture which brought together Aurora’s role as a leader in 3D metal printing with the data science, software and technology capability of Advisian Digital, a division of WorleyParsons.,aurora-labs-sign-jv-to-further-3d-advance.aspx





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