ABC to buy, dismantle and remove old equipment

ABC to buy, dismantle and remove old equipment
ABC Copier Solutions offers cash and free pick up for old copiers

Any printers with ageing, redundant digital printers and copiers – Jaxon Crocker from ABC Copier Solutions will happily pay you for them and take them off your hands.

Crocker’s business dismantles the machines and for no cost will pick up and remove them from all Australian cities.

From there, the equipment is packed into a container and shipped to Singapore where it is sold and forwarded on to other countries for potentially years of reuse.

Crocker is currently already picking up redundant machines from KwikCopy, Snap and Worldwide Print and is seeking more customers.

“We pick up larger production copiers and smaller machines, we recycle them in an environmentally friendly way. We export them to Singapore which is a hub and then from there they are shipped all over the world,” Crocker said.

“We buy pretty well anything and everything. We buy Xerox, Canon, Sharp and Toshiba. We focus a bit more on the larger production machines and we can go in and dismantle the machine free of charge so there is no pressure on them to get involved.

The reuse of the machines also means less chance they will end up sitting in landfill.

“I imagine a lot of this equipment would have been put in landfill. There is no one doing what we do. This is the thing with Snap and Worldwide are so happy about is because we are paying for the equipment, we are picking it up and they don’t have to worry about anything. We are doing it all for them.

“The machines are then reused. As an example they might go to Turkey and the machines are reused and that business will keep that machine going for a number of years.”

For more information please call Jaxon Crocker on 0438 137 938. You can also check out



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