Epson invests in artificial intelligence

Epson invests in artificial intelligence
Epson buys shares in an AI venture company to ramp up its own capabilities

Epson has invested in venture company Cross Compass as it seeks to sharpen its focus on artificial intelligence research and development in the manufacturing sector.

Epson says the move is part of a plan, as stated in its Epson 25 Corporate Vision, to transform the future of manufacturing by strengthening its business infrastructure as a manufacturing company, driving efficiency improvements in manufacturing and production control and innovating in manufacturing processes.

The company says the development, application and implementation of artificial intelligence is critical to achieving the company’s vision.

Cross Compass is a Japanese company that was established 2015 and sees artificial intelligence as a next-generation core technology.

It uses deep learning techniques to analyse data, provide AI consulting services, and develops and provides algorithms and neural networks, Epson said in a statement.

It says it has earned a particularly strong reputation among its customers in the manufacturing industry. Cross Compass also provides Manufacturing-IX (M-IX), an integrated development environment (IDE) for the manufacturing industry that enables easy implementation of AI without requiring AI expertise.

By forging capital and business ties with Cross Compass, Epson says it is seeking to combine the technologies of both companies to create business synergies that will drive manufacturing process innovations and advances in product intelligence.

The acquisition of shares will have a negligible effect on Epson's financial results.


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