Revamped print museum to reopen

Revamped print museum to reopen
Open invite to opening ceremony, one of last remaining fully working print museums

The Penrith Museum of Printing in western Sydney is set to reopen in a few weeks, following the completion of its renovations and its recent claim to fame appearing in the film Ladies in Black.

The institution, which is staffed by volunteers, says it is Australia’s only remaining fully functioning print museum, with all of its presses still operating.

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The museum was established almost 20 years ago, with much of the equipment coming from the closure of The Nepean Times, a local newspaper founded in the 1880s. The museum still has many of the paper’s original presses in working order.

It now has collections of heritage-value letterpress machines, multiple 100 year old Linotype machines as well as an extensive collection collection of print related books.

The opening ceremony will take place on Wednesday November 21 arriving at 6pm for a 6:30pm commencement. For more information, contact Bob Lockley,



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