Penthouse owes print management $172,000

Penthouse owes print management $172,000
TMA Australia files for federal court proceedings in ongoing dispute, pornographer faces bankruptcy

Damien Coastas, publisher and proprietor of pornographic magazine Penthouse Australia is being taken to task by TMA Australia, with the print management firm filing federal court proceedings this week.

Coastas of Global Media and Entertainment, formerly Filthy Gorgeous, could go bust if he does not pay around $172,000 to TMA, which handles the printing of Penthouse.

TMA declined to comment.

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Coastas is also caught in other legal disputes over money, with him being chased for outstanding fees regarding the Australian tour for alt right rallying figure Milo Yiannopoulos that he promoted. Sydney publicist Mark Maxson is chasing $60,000 for his work on the tour, along with claiming Coastas owes $16,000 to a Melbourne venue where Yiannopoulos appeared.

Coastas has told The Australian he will pay the amount owed to TMA before the end of the month.

TMA, established in 1990, handles print management but also has some production capacity, printing labels, tags and packaging. 


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