Former printer denies counterfeit money charges

Former printer denies counterfeit money charges
Tassie man refutes accusations of making and using fake cash with own colour printer

John Douglas Millhouse, a former Tasmanian printer has pleaded not guilty before the Hobart Magistrates Court, to charges of making counterfeit money and attempting to use it in stores.

Millhouse, 62, was charged with making and possessing counterfeit notes, along with two charges of attempting to use counterfeit money and five charges of uttering counterfeit money.

A police search of Millhouse’s residence in Lutana, Hobart allegedly found a colour printer, counterfeit $20 notes and other materials used to produce fake cash.

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Millhouse allegedly tried to use a counterfeit $20 note to a cashier at Shiploads, a discount store in Sandy Bay in February, along with giving a fake $50 note at a Moonah restaurant.

He has also failed to pay an enforcement debt totalling around $6000 for 18 penalties.

The matter has been adjourned until July 26.


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