Majority of submissions support paper fees ban

Majority of submissions support paper fees ban
Public backing paper fees ban, major energy and telcos oppose, further government decisions to come

A majority of public submissions from organisations are voicing support for a total ban in the Treasury consultation on paper billing fees, with 26 out of 41 public submissions supporting a prohibition.

Among the 26 contributors that supported a total ban were Australia Post, Keep Me Posted and Print NZ, the print industry body for New Zealand who stated in their submission how Australia rules in its decision on the matter would affect how New Zealand would act.

Around 12 organisations including Commonwealth Bank, Oputs, Origin, Telstra and Westpac opposed the move, choosing options either supporting the status quo or no government intervention.

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The consultation started in November with five options for groups and individuals to advocate. Keep Me Posted, the anti paper fees campaign from print advocacy group Two Sides Australia, called on the industry to support a ban, with concerns for consumer rights. The results will be used as consideration for state and federal MPs in further discussions of paper fees.

KMP recently called out Westpac for hitting its customers with a $7.50 charge to receive printed bank statements. The fee has been reported as under review.

Earlier this year, KMP celebrated a paper fees campaigning victory when EnergyAustralia abolished its own paper fees, the first Australian company to do so without government intervention.


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