Final call for women’s mentoring

Final call for women’s mentoring
AIP programme aims to help boost women in packaging industry, registrations close Monday

Registrations are closing next Monday for the 2018 Influential Women Mentoring Program, the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)’s new and improved mentoring programme for women in the industry.

The new programme will using Gallup Strengths to enable women to discover their talents, and work out how best to increase performance, productivity and passion at work.

The AIP says, “If you want to increase your conviction, make an impact and unlock your leadership potential then the AIP Influential Women Mentoring Program is for you. We are standing in your corner ready to support your success.”

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The AIP says its Influential Women programme will connect women to other women in the packaging industry, using the latest technology no matter where they are located. The AIP says, “This programme is not about being perfect – it is about making progress and growing in your career together. It is about knowing which levers to adjust to be influential and learning along the way.”

Participants will learn how to develop their talents and find a leadership style that is authentic to them, surround themselves with a tribe of like-minded people wanting to amplify influence, have the right mindset for amplifying influence and regulating limiting self-talk, get clear on their values and how they impact decision making, relationships and the ability to get things done, position themselves as a leader in the industry that has influence and impact., improve their presence and ability to gain the buy-in of peers, leaders and stakeholders, diversify their networks and sure up their ability to future-proof their career, and have the confidence to speak up at the table and be heard.

The AIP Influential Women Mentoring Program commences in February. Participants can register by going to the AIP website opening the education tab and following the link.


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