Homesglen offers to take Tas apprentices

Homesglen offers to take Tas apprentices
Tafe SA withdraws from print training, support for program in Victoria

Holmesglen TAFE (Holmesglen) is proposing to pick up print apprentice training when TAFE SA pulls out next year, having already applied to the Tasmanian state government.

Robert Black, programme manager for Printing at Holmesglen TAFE says, “We have made the formal application, and have a lot of support from Tasmanian printers. We have done our end, it is up to the State Government to approve it. Then we will look at how we can pick up where they have left off and move forward.

“It is in their hands now though, they can accept or ignore it. We have a couple of things we need to get them to do, if they cannot do it then we cannot do it.

“Holmesglen would be offering the same process as TAFE SA. We will do part of the programme on the job, and part of the programme off the job at Holmesglen institute. The apprentices will travel to Holmesglen to compete that part of the programme, and trainers will go down and support them on the job as well.

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“It is a blended delivery model, we support on and off the job training, along with online support. It is a sustainable delivery model, which we believe has proven to be the best option. A fully on the job model sees apprentices only stay within a single company, while this opens them up to other ways of working.

“It is the same as what was happening with South Australia, but taken to another level.

“We have already commenced our programme in Victoria, and have 60 apprentices working under the blended delivery model. We have been limited due to our facility not being completed. Now that we are completed we are looking forward to the new year, and the support of the industry.

“If the support we have had so far continues, it is going to have a positive outcome, and a better training model for apprentices in Victoria and Tasmania.”

The Tasmanian branch of the PIAA is holding a convention open to members and non-members on Friday, in which it will deal with the issue of print apprentices in the state, following TAFE SA’s decision to no longer administer training.

Peter Clark, Tasmanian board member, Printing Industries says, “It is a first to get all printers together in a convention in Tasmania. There has been an issue with the training of print apprentices in Tasmania, it was administered by South Australia TAFE, and due to a funding shortfall they have dropped it.

"Printers with apprentices have been sent communications from TAFE SA notifying them that training will not be provided beyond 2017."


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