UK outfit buys Melbourne printer

UK outfit buys Melbourne printer
Staff and equipment at Schinner will not change

UK firm Hague has bought Melbourne-based Schinner Business Forms, as Hague director of operations Jeff Galindo says the newly acquired company complements his business.

Galindo says, “We have commissioned Schinner in the past, it is an important part of our production. When Schinner was going close the doors we saw it as an opportunity to keep the staff going and keep the suppliers running, it has a lot of clients and it can do a lot of the work for us, and do it securely.

“Hague is also a trade printer and Schinner fits really well into our expansion plan; the deal came out of the blue.” Schinner was owned by the Schinner family, with son of the founder David Schinner its managing director. He will now leave the business.

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Galindo says Hague will keep all the equipment and 17 staff at the same location, “Hague will keep the clients by offering a lot of security features and holographic foils that are complementary to Schinner. Hague wants to keep people in print employed, and look after its clients.”

He says for now Hague will keep the facility, as the factory in Knoxfield is not big enough to put both companies in one place and vice versa.

Galindo says, “Hague Australia is originally Foremost Print Solutions which was acquired 18 months ago, giving us manufacturing in Australia with its Knoxfield plant.

“It was a quick decision and everything happened over a number of weeks instead of months. Right now the factory in Knoxfield is not big enough to put both factories in one and the same with the Schinner plant.”

Hague Australia has offices in Melbourne and Queensland providing security documents and printing, brand protection and technical solutions safeguarding brands. Hague specialise in bespoke holograms, tickets, certificates and tamper-evident labels.

John Schinner, the founder of Schinner Business Forms established his first printing company in Melbourne in 1965. After this business was sold his next challenge was to successfully restore an ailing Business Forms company in Hong Kong. Later he returned to Melbourne to establish Schinner Business Forms in 1984. His son David Schinner took over the role of managing director in 2006.


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