Print sales guru to give Aussies training

Print sales guru to give Aussies training
Dave Fellman to host one day sessions around the country on how to sell more print

US print sales guru Dave Fellman is coming to Australia to deliver a series of one day sales training sessions teaching attendees how to sell more print.

Fellman is widely regarded as an innovator in print sales strategy and technique and has decades of selling print successfully to underpin his teaching.

He says the certified course will deliver the tools needed to sell in the modern print sales marketplace. He says, “I will help print business owners, managers and sales staff to understand the best way to approach your most important sales challenges, from finding new customers to defending your old ones against any competition.”

The events – produced and hosted by ProPrint owner Printer Magazines Group in association with the PIAA – will be held in Brisbane October 25, Melbourne October 26, Auckland October 31 and Sydney November 2.

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Tickets are priced at $249 with an early bird price of $199 if booked by October 11. Tickets and additional information available here.

Wayne Robinson, editor of ProPrint says, “Sales are the number one issue for all printing businesses. It is a pleasure to bring Dave Fellman to Australia again, everyone attending the sales training course will benefit, as those who went to the previous event did. There are limited opportunities for print professionals to receive world class sales training, this is one of them.”

Fellman will be presenting seven key concepts for printing sales success which are: Let’s talk about value; Are you the driving sales cycle, or just along for the ride? From a lead to a sale; the art and science (and mathematics) of modern selling; Be all about customer service and customer maximisation; How do you stack up against optimum sales DNA; and Making the time to make all of this happen.

 “The programme will start with a conversation on value, from there we will move on to discuss the print sales cycle, and how to drive it as opposed to just ride it. I am all about practical, real-world strategy but every once in awhile I like to talk about the theory behind it. The final segment of our programme will cover time management and organisation - making the time to put some of this new and improved strategy to work.”

All participants will receive a certificate of participation, plus a copy of Fellman’s book Sell More Printing.

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