Whirlwind celebrates new range of embellishments

Whirlwind celebrates new range of embellishments
Leading trade printer installs the first MGI JETvarnish digital embellishing system in Australia, to provide printers with digital foiling, spot UV and raised (3D) varnish
The MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution is latest technology investment at Whirlwind, extending its product range to now include a digital foiling, spot UV varnish and raised (3D) varnish for short run work. 
Applications include posters, packaging, presentation folders and business cards. In early September Whirlwind upgraded its spot UV offering to utilise this new technology and supply a high quality gloss UV product.
Andrew Cester, managing director of Whirlwind says, “We are excited to see our investment in leading edge technology kick off in the Australian market with the recent upgrade of our spot UV product, delivered using the MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution. It means that Whirlwind customers will reap the benefit of better quality, greater UV shine and enhanced precision and definition. The extensive product testing we have undertaken over the last few months since the machine was set up has been completely worth it.”
“The team have been meticulous in their approach to ensuring that there will be no disruption to our current service for our clients, and their customers. We have tested substrates, LED curing rates, varnish μms to name but a few, and cross checked formecutting, trimming, binding, packing - the works. All to ensure that our new enhanced product offering will be received well in the market.”
Whirlwind has backed its new Spot UV product as a better quality, higher shine and more precision, and launched the upgrade with a new and more appropriate product name: 2D Super Gloss UV.
Cester says, “The name change is reflective of the increased product quality. We have raised the UV bar with the JETvarnish 3D Evolution, so it seemed only fitting to relaunch with a name that mirrors this. It actually showcases our commitment to better product offerings as we roll out our range over the coming months.”
A significant benefit for the Whirlwind customers, and one that the company believes is important when introducing new technology into the market is keeping consistency. With the September release of the 2D Super Gloss UV catalogue of products, it is business as usual for their customers. 
Cester continues, “We know what the MGI is capable of, and want our customers to gain these benefits and see the quality it provides. There should be no barriers to trialling this and seeing the product outcome. Our new 2D Super Gloss UV product replaces our current spot UV product range,  and we have intentionally made no other changes. 
“Our artwork requirements are the same, our competitive prices remain consistent and the ordering process is identical. We want the new product in the hands of our customers; it sells itself.”
Technical specifications
The JETvarnish 3D Evolution is the world’s first B1+ scalable sheet-fed digital enhancement press and features a modular and field upgradeable architecture, digital foiling and an upgradeable inkjet expansion system with three available substrate size options. 
The B1+ size (75x120cm) format option is designed to give printers the ability to run fully personalised short, medium and long runs in a cost-efficient and die-less manner for multiple applications. Every piece finished on all of MGI’s JETvarnish 3D systems can be an exclusive blend of digitally-embellished images, text, data and brand designs using spot varnish, 3D raised varnish and digitally embossed foil in one pass. 
The JETvarnish 3D Evolution is a high-production solution that incorporates pallet stacking, automated inkjet head cleaning, new automatic feeding system as well as a new artificial intelligence-based sheet registration system. Depending on the file and the substrate used, the coating thickness can vary from a traditional flat spot UV coating of three microns (μm) up to 200 μm for 3D raised texture effects and a tactile finish. Automatic registration using a built-in scanner for real-time management of entire sheet, which means no registration marks are required.
Let’s celebrate…
The new technology coupled with Whirlwind’s print and finishing capabilities will drive new offerings into the market, providing more value for customers’ clients. Following the release of the 2D product Whirlwind will be launching out the new 3D Super Gloss UV and gold foil during October.
Cester adds, “This is the next logical step for us as we roll out new products with the JETvarnish capabilities. We are super excited about the quality and amazing precision of this 3D product. Coupled with the intricacies of the gold foil, which is so highly defined, this is a truly outstanding product. 
“We have showcased this beautifully on the front cover of this issue of ProPrint, showing the feather-like abilities of the foiling and varnish, making the image dance on the page. And the fact that it is all achieved with just one machine makes it all the more impressive.”
Whirlwind plans to continue the fast paced approach adding new products to their catalogue offering with the next release scheduled for the New Year. This will include double sided 2D, 2D and 3D packaging, more colour foils, and a few things up their sleeve. “Textures have such an amazing effect on images and print deliverables and helping design stand out in any occasion” Cester adds. 
He says, “With more product finishes available, we will be releasing more options and ways to make the most of textures. Stay tuned.”

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