Committee plans for print training

Committee plans for print training
Leaders from 64 industry sectors meet to discuss future work plan development

PIAA CEO Andrew Macaulay is one of 64 industry leaders meeting together to discuss the future work plan development, aimed at ensuring Australia has a quality vocational education and training system that meets the needs of both industry and employees.

The print industry is currently experiencing a shortage of young people coming into apprenticeships. On the bright side Holmesglen TAFE in Melbourne is now offering off site apprenticeships under the leadership of former RMIT head Robert Black.

Macaulay was at the Industry Reference Committee (IRC) meeting, from his role as chairman of the Printing and Graphic Arts IRC with Andrew Macaulay.

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Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) are the formal channel for considering industry skills requirements in the development and review of training packages. No certified training gets underway without approval from the IRC.

Two major research projects commissioned by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee were featured in the discussions:  the National Industry Insights Report and the Future Priority Skills Resource. 

Macaulay says, “The process is seeking input from industry to ensure certified training is meeting the skills demand of employers.”

These resources will be used by IRCs to help inform their thinking and assist in the development of their future industry skills forecasts.  Evidence based research coupled with grass roots industry intelligence, is critical for guiding and developing nationally recognised training to serve Australia now and into the future.

IRCs advise the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) about the skills needs of their industry sector.


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