PIAA receiving Canberra support

PIAA receiving Canberra support
PIAA CEO in Canberra speaking to MPs on energy crisis, says they are starting to believe serious issue

Printing Industries CEO Andrew Macaulay has been in Canberra discussing the energy crisis with various MPs and senators, saying they are starting to take the issue seriously. 

Macaulay says there is progress when it comes to both sides taking the issue seriously, “We were pleased with where the debate at parliament level is going. Both sides are taking serious, real interest in both sides of government, recognise print and packaging sectors as significant manufacturing industries are heavily impacted.”

Macaulay says, “We had an extensive series of meetings with the minister Josh Frydenberg, commencing with government back benchers, cross benchers and senators. We met with some members of the opposition, the printing and packaging association is getting broad support of the back bench of government and cross benchers for the reform of the electricity market.

“The pressure that is coming on to the Prime Minister and Frydenberg is coming from government backbenchers to seek a real need for energy market reform and immediate improvement in cost supply. We have been asked to continue representation on behalf of the ministry and to continue.”

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Macaulay says, “I am pleased to see serious movement from the minster towards improving base load power so traditional energy sources and we will be watching this space which is critical to our members.”

Macaulay says although there is a push for using coal, the issue the PIAA is concerned about is reliability of power whether that comes from coal or sustainable sources.

“Energy is being used from renewable sustainable sources now, both sides of parliament want sustainable electricity. We are supporting that, we are seeking for there to be a more reliable supply that is affordable to the industry. This is not just electricity this is gas, many printers use gas for heatset and it is at a considerable cost.”

Macaulay says We are meeting MP in Sydney with a number of MP from both side of house coming up in the next couple of weeks. 

Energy is the number one topic in business at present, with the prime minister actively involved in trying to secure supply. Commentators are lambasting government policy, which has seen Australian energy priced among the highest levels in the world, despite Australia being a resource rich country.


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