Victorian ALP in printing rort claim

Victorian ALP in printing rort claim
Two Melbourne printers allegedly involved in invoice scam

Melbourne printer F&M Printing has been named in a rort scheme for the Victorian Labor party according to the Herald Sun.

The Herald Sun claims a group of ALP MPs and printing firms have ordered pamphlets with only a few printed but the invoice stating a larger number. The invoices were sent to parliament with the MPs being reimbursed the amount of the invoice using the money for memberships, to branch-stack in the western suburbs.

ProPrint contacted F&M Printing with a spokesperson saying, “We have done no wrong doing.” 

MP and upper house deputy president Khalil Eideh has been linked to this scandal with reports saying he will stand down from the next election. Eideh is linked to F&M Printing.

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The Victorian parliament will look into the accusations and if they ring true, the anti-corruption watchdog will be involved.

Bruce Atkinson Upper House president of the Victorian parliament says it was looking at invoices and documents over the claims, he spoke to parliament saying, "If the article is accurate, then the allegations are deeply disturbing to me. If the allegations are true, they involve criminal actions and constitute fraud. If those investigations uncover anything then the police or the state's anti-corruption watchdog would be involved.”

An ABC journalist and cameraman were threatened outside of F&M Printing by a man who called himself the owner and threatened to sue the duo, shouting expletives saying he is not a part of it, he will smash the camera and threating to smash the two people.

The ABC says the crew was filming on the public footpath at the time. 


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