Merge Print and Mail rebranded to Markis

Merge Print and Mail rebranded to Markis
Established in 2008, owner Mark Prosser wants to grow his business

Brisbane print and mailing house Merge Print and Mail has rebranded to Markis, with owner Mark Prosser wanting to do more than print and mail.

Prosser says, “I wanted to get print and mail out of the business name so I can be available or have options for growth in other areas. Even though print and mail is good for me, a lot of businesses are transitioning out of the print and mail names, so I am following along.”

He chose the name Markis as it was odd and could get customers interested, “It is hard to try and get a domain name that contains five to six letters that small, having that weirdness about it might get people to ask question. I like the idea because eventually Markis will be something I will do for promotional stuff for example: mark is mailing, mark is printing.”

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Prosser is still in the process of rebranding with the soft launch underway, he just wants to add more products to the website with his new W2P software, “I have invested in a W2P platform and I am currently working with that getting customers to order online easily. We will be moving away from email based system. I have also taken on some new equipment bought a new inserter that does 9000 inserts an hour.”

Prosser has also bought a 3D printer to experiment with, “It is a challenge, a whole new learning. At the moment it is sitting there not doing much, when I first got it I had design stuff and printed out a couple of sensors and lights. Just about trying to build an understanding of how it works.”

Even though he has removed print and mail from the company name, Prosser is still all for print and mail, “I love print, it is in my blood I do not want move away from it. You have to be open, the industry is changing. You have got to keep that in mind, I will keep doing print until I need to change.”

Markis uses 100 per cent recyclable, FSC and carbon neutral paper and is completely solar powered. The company was established in 2008 providing print and direct mail to its customers. It makes more than 200,000 mail piece a month, with DL, DLX C5 and C4 machine inserting. 


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