Packaging body appoints new CEO

Packaging body appoints new CEO
New Covenant head Brooke Donnelly plans to help members achieve broad organisational and cost efficiencies

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (ACPO) has appointed its interim CEO and former COO, Brooke Donnelly as its new CEO.

Connolly has held the position of interim CEO for the past three months and prior to this was APCO’s COO.

ACPO says she was selected due to her in-depth knowledge of the organisation and its strategic goals, coupled with her long career and leadership roles in the packaging, waste and recycling industries and not-for-profit sectors. 

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Donnelly says, “For many APCO members, the sustainability journey begins with compliance. While this is a crucial first step, my goal as the new CEO is to help members to achieve broad organisational and cost efficiencies through more strategic initiatives. This will help us to reduce environmental impacts for the benefit of the community and government.”

Sam Andersen, Chair, APCO Board says, “We are thrilled to have Brooke join us as our permanent CEO, as she compliments our independent and diverse Board perfectly. We are confident our new CEO has the right blend of project delivery skills and stakeholder management experience needed to help us deliver on our strategic intent

APCO says it enables businesses, government and industry to design and utilise more sustainable packaging throughout the supply chain. APCO takes a collaborative approach to connect its membership base with all sectors, industry and government, to find the best possible solutions for packaging sustainability in Australia.

Former CEO Trish Hyde resigned from her position as CEO of the APCO on June 6.


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