AusPost increasing prices

AusPost increasing prices
Change will affect products including unaddressed mail services and selected express letter products

Australia Post will be increasing its prices on a number of its products by 2.8 per cent, with the changes taking effect from October 2.

These products include selected domestic parcel products and services, selected express post parcel and letter products and services, selected international letter and parcel products and services and mail redirection and mail hold service, unaddressed mail services, money order services and registered post imprint.

AusPost says, “We recognise that pricing changes are not easy for our customers and we have worked hard to keep prices unchanged on a large number of popular products, including on our parcel post satchels and seasonal domestic greeting card postage.

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"We are also reducing the price of postage for a range of international parcels to New Zealand and Great Britain, and will continue to offer more than five million Concession Card holders up to 40 per cent off a range of products and services. There is no change to domestic stamp prices.”

The company says it is committed to delivering an accessible, reliable and sustainable mail service. It continues saying these pricing changes will ensure it can continue to invest in its large and trusted delivery network, covering more than 4000 post offices and 11.6 million delivery points each day. This will also allow it to manage increasing costs across the delivery network. AusPost says that for most products this is the first price increase in over 12 months.

AusPost CEO Ahmed Fahour is stepping down in October and being replaced by Blackmores CEO Christine Holgate, Fahour will be leaving with an additional $10.8m in his pockets from superannuation and long service payouts. 


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