Hannapak bought by WestRock for $75m

Hannapak bought by WestRock for $75m
Folding carton business bought by US packaging giant, will continue with Sam Hanna leading it

Hannapak, the largest independent folding carton printer in the country, has been bought by US paper and packaging giant WestRock.

WestRock has been a Hannapak customer for the past 18 years. It has paid $75m for the business, located in North Richmond NSW, and owned by the Hanna family since its inception by Chales Hanna half a century ago.

The company converts approximately 30,000 tons of paperboard into folding cartons each year on a suite of highly specified manroland presses.

The business has been led in recent times by Sam Hanna, son of Charles, who will join WestRock, and continue to lead the now acquired operation.

Steve Voorhees, chief executive officer of WestRock says, “Hannapak has built an outstanding folding carton business in Australia based on superior capabilities and customer service. 

“We have a strong relationship with the company and the Hanna family, based on an 18-year partnership as one of our key converting partners in the region, and we are excited about the clear cultural and operational fit between the two companies.

“This acquisition expands our geographic footprint to better serve global and local customers, and will enable us to improve WestRock’s beverage packaging business in the region while expanding our participation to a variety of other attractive end markets.”

The sale lessens further the number of major independent folding carton printers in Australia, with rivals Colorpack and Graphitype both being bought by US packaging giants in recent years.

WestRock operates around the world and has some 45,000 staff in more than 300 operating and business locations spanning North AmericaSouth AmericaEurope and Asia.


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