Fuji Xerox DMS wins $27m toll contract

Fuji Xerox DMS wins $27m toll contract
Document printing business wins production of toll notices in NSW for next 18 months

Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions (FXDMS) has claimed victory in the $27m toll notice tender with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services.

ProPrint understands this is a good size contract for the company. FXDMS was the incumbent, the new contract is set to run until November 2018. The work will be produced in Australia.

ProPrint has reached out to NSW Roads and Maritime Services for comment.

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Three months ago FXDMS won a major $79m contract with the Australian Department of Defence.

Many printers view FXDMS as a controversial business, given that it is effectively competing against customers of sister company Fuji Xerox Australia who buy their printing equipment and pay their click charges.

In 2014, FXDMS expanded itself and organised itself as a major print management operation for the country’s biggest businesses.

FXDMS is owned by Fujifilm, which is the owner of print equipment supplier Fuji Xerox. Fujifilm bought the former Salmat Business Print Outsourcing division in 2012 for $375m, at the time Salmat’s BPO had a $300m annual revenue.


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