Technology guide: MIS & W2P

Technology guide: MIS & W2P
Software is driving print businesses forward, ProPrint looks at some of the latest management information and web to print systems
Dolphinworkz MIS
Dophin 4 is a feature rich, MIS sold as independently licensed modules. The main modules available are estimating with litho, wide format, labels, digital and screenprint all covered, with a multi use of finishing options and the ability to manage outwork seamlessly from the quoting screen. Clients of Dolphin include traditional litho printers moving into digital, cross media companies, print brokers, wide format and signage specialists, as well as finishing houses. The production planning module means printers can see your jobs broken down by work centre, plan and change plans on the fly. The tracking module will update plans in this module based on real time updates from the factory floor. The latest planning update includes detailed projections of planned activities and operations.
2017 has brought the addition of Graphical Planning to Dolphin with new Gantt Charts and a colourful graphical interface for ease of reference across the Production Floor.
The barcode tracking for production enables scanning in a 1,2 or 3 scan setup for simple to detailed time and workstation stats. With this module, you’ll know exactly where your job is at any given point. Licensed as a site license, You can run multiple hand held USB scanners from a single scanning station. Production admin manages invoicing, deliveries, stock management, and purchase orders.
The CRM enables printers to get a snapshot of clients and leads, with an integrated outlook calendar, and the ability to schedule and move around your sales resources appointments and follow ups.
It also allows for front of house staff to resend quotes without needing access to the estimating module.
A stand alone module for bookkeepers, seamlessly syncs invoices, client and supplier details and purchase orders from Dolphin to: MYOB v19, MYOB Account Right Live and Xero. Additional functionality allows for the correcting of linked data between Dolphin and Xero where mismatches have been inputted accidentally.
There is a standalone reports module that allows individual control of user rights down to single report level. Sold as a site license with unlimited logins. Run one of the built in reports, or select your own data in the easy interface that looks and works like a spreadsheet. Export options are built in.
Modules range from $500 once off with $15 monthly licensing to $1950 once off with $26.50 monthly licensing.
The printIQ Core is made up of eight modules that create a seamless, end-to- end workflow. From estimating and ordering, through to production and dispatch, printIQ has all the elements needed to run a modern print company both efficiently and effectively. With printIQ you also get the option to add an array of extra modules to the Core to create your perfect workflow. This includes a range of third party options that fully integrate with printIQ, removing those integration headaches. With printIQ everything has been developed with customer access in mind.
With printIQ you get a 100 per cent web based MWS with the W2P solution built in. This means that without any effort, you have moved your entire business online. Everything has been developed with your customers’ access in mind.
Customers also receive fully secured access to the customer portal. Customers can quote simple products ranging from banners, business cards, and stickers right through to complex booklets, labels with multiple finishing options, or the most demanding multi-site signage campaign. Customers can approve emailed quotes without log-in. Customers can combine orders for print jobs and pick and pack items directly from you warehouse.
Customers can pay via credit card payment gateway or place on account. Artwork submission with built in proofing. Full Job tracking with automated email and benefits for those quoting.
We have addressed the age-old problem of estimating complex print jobs quickly and accurately. In fact, we have taken this to the point where your customers, sales, and non-skilled staff can complete their own quotes online.
Sales and non-skilled staff can quote work online with the confidence that they cannot order something that your factory cannot produce. Jobs are estimated across every press and sheet size combination in less than 10 seconds. Choose between input based pricing (labour, machine and materials), catalogue pricing or specific contract pricing per customer. The ability to use market driven pricing for your sell price while still maintaining actual costs. 
A toolbox full of automation options to control your layouts, control margins and automate many of the mundane processes. Easily replicate all your current Excel based calculators within a centralised quoting environment.
The production management tools within printIQ focus on communicating information in real time to everyone within the factory. With tailor made views of a job for each department, we have delivered a tool that eliminates the in-trays, the talk and the re-work. PrintIQ in 3D separates the job from the estimate so you can freely update the production path without affecting your quote information. Online production boards give you the full view of the floor regardless of where you are.
The digital job bag manages the job in real time which in term feeds status updates back to the production board. Tablet optimisation to keep you moving. Time capture functionality directly from the job bag or Job Details screen. Customers can control and plan your work with multiple scheduling options. Switch production path and still retain details from previously executed processes.
Workflowz MIS
Chili Publish
CHILI publisher is a straight-forward online editing solution that allows any user to easily edit marketing document templates. The software safeguards brand design guidelines while enabling users to tailor other elements on the page to create any type of document that is production ready, and one that fully respects the rules of the corporate ID and the industry.
Chili Publisher brings an incredible ease of use to the table, as it requires little to no graphical experience for users to edit the documents.
The software integrates into a variety of MIS, workflow and business management platforms (eCommerce and DAM for example), which allows for a personalised user interface. It also comes with invaluable features like the 3D visualisation tool, generating a direct 3D assessment of the final marketing output. It offers robust functionality with an open API facilitating your own custom integrations – simply intuitive browser based interface, with fully integrated and adaptable UI. And Chili publisher can fit to scale anyone’s needs.
The ease of integration of these solutions into existing workflows, and the connection possibilities they offer with data-driven solutions, make online editing ideal to unlock a wide array of marketing potential in digital packaging, be it customisation, regionalisation or individualisation opportunities.
In it for the win 
Going web-to- print has enabled many print service providers globally to offering, import Adobe InDesign files, simple DataMerge for Variable Data Printing, reducing administrative and design time on the enterprise level, only editor could 100 per cent automate the postal mail, production time cut by receiving receptive templates work the service to the solution.
The solution comes with an open API, meaning that the scale of integration can be tailored to your needs and budget. Upon integration, a professional training session is provided to ensure users get the best possible return on their investment. A professional service desk is available to answer any question. A CHILI publisher solution can be readily available as of $60,000, complemented with a yearly servicing contract. There are no transaction costs per document or user, and offers unlimited production.
A­ccura W2P
AccuraOnline is a complete e-commerce self-service client portal with integrated web2print, hosted in the cloud. It goes beyond traditional web2print “storefront” solutions which focus on file-delivery or shopping-cart, by offering additional client-centric customer-service functions.
Advanced features include: Seamless bi-directional integration with the MIS, unlimited client branded portals, theme editor & image carousel, RFQ and “live quoting”, order placement and history, proof sign-off, stock management, shopping cart experience, PDF document download e.g. quote/delivery/invoice, file upload (without FTP sites), delivery charges, online payment gateway and artwork editing to print-ready PDF file.
AccuraOnline is easily customised by applying themes, banners, carousel images, menus & page content using easy administrator design tools – ALL without any programming or knowledge of HTML or CSS.
One of the key differentiators of AccuraOnline is the seamless integration with the Accura MIS. All data is synchronised in real-time, bi-directionally without the need for he client to get involved in integration or programming - it is a true plug-and-play solution.
Unlike other solutions AccuraOnline works from ONE common database shared with the MIS – so maintenance of the database including clients, user-accounts, product images, pricing etc is fast and simple - all done from the MIS.
Some third-party web2print solutions do a good job of providing a web storefront with a great customer-experience, but without backend direct MIS integration – which simply creates more work for the printer – we call this ‘web-to-nowhere’.
With these products, integration can be complex using APIs and XML which requires custom scripting/programming by the vendor(s) – which takes expertise, extended time and more money. Even if the client can get this working the end-result is usually poor, one-dimensional, and has to be maintained by updating multiple databases.
AccuraOnline seamlessly synchronises data to or from the Accura MIS and quotes/orders or new registrations are processed with a single click and artwork files downloaded to hot-folders for pre-flight and workflow systems. This advanced level of automation and streamlining helps minimise touchpoints for printers - thus reducing costs and helping the environment by using less paper.
The Accura MIS starts at around $13,000 for a fully-installed system including on-site training and implementation, and AccuraOnline starts at $11,000 with 12 months hosting and support which can be up and running in 48 hours. This puts a complete professional turn-key MIS and Web2Print solution within the reach of any printer – large or small. On-site training and implementation is provided with all systems along with 12 months support and free upgrades. From year two a support and/or hosting fee will apply - but the software is already purchased. Finance is available over 2, 3 or 5 years to assist printers to obtain an immediate ROI.
Connect1to1 W2P
Connect1to1 UStore is an All-in-one Web-to- Print solution out-of- the-box it is a convenient web portal to order printed products 24/7. It streamlines order acquisition, production and fulfilment. The product also supports multiple product types, enables print buyers to upload or submit documents, supports static, customised and variable documents via catalogue. It has a integrated workflow automation with JDF/JMF job ticketing. 
The product increases print volume while lowering operational costs, it decreases manual processes and increases operational efficiency. UStore is a modern web-to-print solution where storefronts can use responsive design to support multiple devices and screen sizes. It Includes uEdit HD – the high-definition WYSIWYG document editor. UStore has modular solution supports future business growth. It has optional Cross-Media add-on enables multichannel campaigns to be sold on the storefront and other options include personalised imagery, dynamic charts, access to APIs and more.
UStore is a XMPie product providing an end-to-end hardware and software solution. UStore can be added to any PersonalEffect solution – Turn-key or Enterprise. When a customer has specific requirements and needs to build a custom configuration, add uStore to enable the Web-to-print functionality. It has custom applications with bespoke functionality, customers who plan to build custom functionality on top of the off-the- shelf capabilities provided by UStore, should consider uStore.
Web-to-print and Cross-Media are needed from the beginning, if a customer needs both Web-to-print and cross-media capabilities, go with uStore + TransMedia [Pro] or uStore +Enterprise Cross Media
uStore is scalable so when a customer needs a scalable, fault-tolerant configuration with web-to-print functionality, uStore is the go-to product.  XMPie Sales is ready to help assist with uStore deals. Due to the complex nature of custom configured solutions, XMPie Sales can assist when necessary.
UStore makes the products and services offered by service providers and print rooms convenient to order and accessible any time, from anywhere.
Key benefits include allowing print buyers to upload documents for printing, allows print buyers to customize and order products, streamlines order acquisition through product templates, increases productivity and efficiency and feeds the beast – drives more print volume.
Key benefits for the print buyer include print buyers get instant pricing – no waiting for quotes, print buyers can place orders when it is convenient for them. 
There is onsite training available with product upgrades to new features and capabilities and critical software corrections. Users will have access to a support and training portal, highly trained global support personnel, knowledge based website, training portal, direct line to research and development where necessary and technical support via remote login
 Finance is negotiated via a third party. UStore is priced at $50,000.
With printIQ you get far more than just an MIS. With printIQ the web-to-print functionality is built directly into the core product.  There’s no separate bolt on or third party software, it’s simply part of the base product and everyone accesses it. Production-staff manage the factory whilst customers quote, order and track, all from within same application. With no software to install, no separate web portal or online ordering system to add on, printIQ certainly does represent a quantum shift from what most printers are doing right now.
The main differentiator between printIQ and other W2P solutions is that printIQ is more than just a shopping cart. It combines the power of the printIQ pricing engine with an integrated online ordering process to give your customers an online experience specifically designed for the complexities of print.
The combination also removes the need to integrate the online order with your MWS. With printIQ, the online order hits production as soon as the customer confirms it. This is a smart move given that integration is rated as one of the biggest frustrations with IT systems.
IQconnect Modules – extending your W2P offering.
As a further extension to our W2P functionality, we have a range of modules that offer our customers all the touch points that they require in the modern business world. These optional tools are designed to connect to an array of options, from file verification, to VDP, web applications, and even other printers.
IQconnect-SmartSite allows you to take the best out of your marketing orientated website and power it up with printIQ as the shopping cart to create one or more, online entries into your business.
IQconnect-CHILI Publish offers a template option in addition to the standard web2print functionality within printIQ. With IQconnect-XMPie you can connect printIQ to XMPie with real two-way communication. With this seamless integration, printIQ will consume the XMPie data and generate a job or sales order directly within printIQ.
IQconnect-Integrate is a series of fully documented and comprehensive API’s, that allow you to connect printIQ directly to both Hubspot & Zoho. Our APi’s are also available via Zapier, so you can connect 100’s of web apps apps, making it easier to automate tedious tasks.
IQconnect – Link extends your product offering beyond your own factory walls and into the plants of other printIQ users. Offer signage, POS, wide format, digital, offset and ganged products from within your own website to add value to your customers and to instantly create new sales opportunities on the fly.
IQstore-plus is the printIQ sales order module that allows you to offer a pick and pack item to your customers online. Whether it is an item that you have manufactured or a straight pick and pack item, IQstore delivers a feature rich order process complete with a robust workflow to ensure efficient management of your warehouse.

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