Kuhn replaces May as PIAA president

Kuhn replaces May as PIAA president
New leader pledges to continue to keep the members interest at heart once he starts his term

The PIAA has appointed a new president, Walter Kuhn who will begin July 1, and who says he will continue to focus on the needs of printers.

Kuhn says, “I am looking forward to working with the staff and management of the PIAA to benefit the members. It is important to me we keep on the current track of being the leading employer organisation, to ensure members interest are kept at heart.”

Kuhn says he is not planning an overhaul once he takes over the role.

“I am not a big one for going in and doing big changes, we will see where we are and will make them in consultation with the CEO and staff. If things need to change we will only for do it for the overall benefit of the members,” he says.

Kieran May, current PIAA president says, “It is necessary for Printing Industries to look to the future with a fresh approach and renewed energy. The board is confident we have the foundation in place to begin a new exciting chapter for the association, and Walter is well positioned to drive us forward.”

Kuhn is the founder and managing director of Kuhn Corp, a Queensland-based group of companies comprising print and packaging solutions for the Australian and international markets. Well-known within the printing industry, Kuhn is actively involved in other industry associations and brings breadth of understanding to the boardroom table.

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Having previously served as the Queensland State Councillor for Printing Industries (2009-2011) Walter joined the board in March 2016 following the turmoil that had engulfed the organisation for the previous three months. He is enthusiastic about driving the association forward as it accelerates its efforts around effective lobbying, workplace relations and legal services, and member services.

Kuhn says, “I am pleased that progress has been made in the last 12 months, particularly around raising the profile of the printing industries and building a credible voice to contribute to policy discussion. We have a strong team in place to pursue new opportunities for the association, and to build valuable services that assist members to navigate and thrive in the challenging business environment.”

Andrew Macaulay, CEO, PIAA says, “I would like to acknowledge the work that Kieran May did in laying the foundation for change, and in stabilising the organisation in a time of need.”

In his speech at the National Print Awards last week, Macaulay says the PIAA is making a way for the younger printers, a reason why May stepped down.

“Your board has actively engaged in strategic planning for the organisation, and succession planning for itself. One outcome of this has been the orderly identification of the next generation of leadership for the board, from the new board members,” Macaulay says.

May will continue to be a board member once he steps down. He became interim president early last year following the resignations of first David Leach and then less than a month later Ross Black, and was re-elected as president later in the year. He is credited with bridging the divide that threatened to blow the PIAA apart, working with rebels spokesman Tom Eckersley to repair relations.


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