FAPGA meets at PacPrint

FAPGA meets at PacPrint
Forum of Asia Pacific Graphic Arts Associations faces energy crisis

The regional print associations (FAPGA) held its annual forum at PacPrint, with printers and delegates from seven nations discussing print in their respective countries, with energy top of the agenda.

The countries attending the forum were Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Nepal and Philippines.

Peter Lane, president for FAPGA says, “During the day we discussed the challenges each country faces in the industry, we exchange information on how to deal with those challenges and discussing future of the print industry.”

“We always meet around a trade show,” he adds.

Andrew Macaulay, CEO, PIAA says, “There is nowhere else to get Asian countries together to discuss these issues. Asia treats these meetings with respect and commitment."

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Lane says, “The printing industry used to be self-regulating helping changes. For example with Australia Post we compared postal services and there is a major difference.”

Macaulay adds, “I also pushed energy security, talking about the statistics to refute state governments which are 50 per cent year over year prices.”

During the afternoon a number of committees discussed their progress. These committees include the legal and ethical standards committee, training and development committee and the international foreign affairs committee.

Last year they met in Shanghai and next year they plan to meet in Japan.



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