Flying Colours buys big in large format

Flying Colours buys big in large format
Tassie printer acquires Doc Signs and Creative Digital, both will move into its expanding premises

Tasmania printer Flying Colours has made a major move into expanding its large format operations, buying two companies, Doc Signs and Creative Digital, both of which will move into its current facility.

Craig Pearce, managing director, Flying Colours says, “The reason we purchased these companies was based on the requirements from our clients.

“Flying Colours broadened its services to its clients with the introduction of large format printing  two years ago, we have seen an increase of 300 per cent in one year in this area.”

Pearce says based on the demands for large format printer in the company and where the company wanted to be, it was a step Flying Colours needed to take.

“One of the reasons why we bought these companies is we are in an area of commercial print which is diminishing with clients, so we believe we need to fill that gap and provide services which our clients are requiring from multiple companies to now come from one company.

“Flying Colours in Tasmania would be the most diversified company ranging from commercial print through to packaging, creative, large format, signage and installing,” he says.

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Flying Colours will be moving both companies Doc Signs and Creative Digital under its roof. Pearce says it acquired its staff and equipment when it purchased the two businesses.

“All the staff will come here, all highly skilled and trained. Both companies have a great reputation within the State already, they will continue trading as Doc Signs and Creative Digital but under the Flying Colours Group. Flying Colours will look to refresh its brand within the next 12 months to encompass all of the companies,” he says.

Pearce says he is extending the Flying Colours property to accommodate for the new businesses.

“We are about to extend our current place by another 800sqm to facilitate both companies, putting in car wrapping facilities - we do cars, boats, motorbikes. We are putting in a large format digital room to take all the equipment, as we have acquired a lot of large format kit. The work will commence June 1 and by completed by July 1,” he says.

Pearce says Australia wide, the mediums have changed with the technology.

“Print is diminishing we cannot be ignorant that it had occurred, the wheels have been in motion for some years now. We have expanded into areas where there is growth, that is why we have not been set back.

“There is so much negativity in the print arena, but as the managing director and someone who looks into the future I can only see exciting times ahead. I just think the days are gone where you can rely on one part of the company to give you turnover, you need to diversify on services products and technology,” he says.


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