Speed and quality

Speed and quality
Epson will have a serious presence at PacPrint with digital labels, graphics and fabric printers all on display
SurePress L-6034VW
The Epson SurePress range has been designed for label converters seeking to move into the digital age, either for the first time or as an expansion, with enhanced customer service, marketability and operational profit. Presses combine digital image processing with the latest ink and drop-on-demand print technologies to facilitate flexible production with print quality. Epson says they produce labels with exceptional colour and resolution on a wide range of industry standard substrates, without the need for special coatings or pre-treatment. Machines are easy to operate, simple to install, and support a wide range of industry standard finishing equipment. 
They are particularly suited to medium, short and ultra-short length jobs where they offer rapid and cost-effective turnaround. They deliver a precise, premium product with low running costs, minimum maintenance, and low downtime.
Epson says they offer superior image quality, flexible media support, flexible product applications, rapid job set-up and completion, ease of installation and operation. They support standard finishing equipment, have low maintenance and running costs, and offer a coice of UV and aqueous ink.
ColorWorks C3500 and ColorWorks C7500
Epson’s ColorWorks Desktop Label Solutions are designed to increase productivity and eliminate the costs and waste associated with pre-printed labels. Aimed at high mix label requirements, these solutions feature commercial inkjet printers; fast-drying, durable colour inks suitable for a range of media types and sizes. 
The logic is that with on-demand colour printing, instead of maintaining an expensive inventory of pre-printed labels, you can print the labels you need, when you need them. Already Epson’s ColorWorks Desktop Label Solutions are delivering proven results for a wide range of labelling applications from packaging and manufacturing to logistics, retail, ticketing and others.
Epson says they provide high print speed up to 300mm per second, the rugged design means minimal maintenance and low overall cost of ownership. Image quality, is powered by PrecisionCore inkjet technology, high print resolution 1200 x 600 dpi. They offer seamless integration with built-in ESC/Label language for integration with user’s existing workflow. Epson says the high yield ink cartridges mean fewer user interventions and less waste, and says its DuraBrite Ultra inks are highly resistant to light, water, humidity and ozone, thus making them suitable for printing GHS labels.
The Epson TM-C7500G uses the UltraChromeDL pigment ink that is designed to penetrate gloss media more effectively than DuraBrite Ultra ink, resulting in a more glossy appearance. 
SureColor S60600 and SureColor S80600
Epson says its signage and décor printers have been designed to produce superior output with faster, more efficient, and cost-effective operation. 
They are compatible with an enhanced range of media including the full range of paper, canvas, film and vinyl substrates. They produce images that are brighter, and more durable, have a higher gloss level and gamut range than competitors. 
Craig Heckenberg, general manager, Epson says, “Whether you are producing indoor POS or outdoor signage, backlit displays or window decorations, banners or vehicle decals, wallpapers or floor finishes, posters or labels, our printers can do it. We offer a range of models to suit different production volumes and output requirements, all with easy loading, simple operation and reduced running costs.”
Epson says its signage printers are easy to install, simple to operate, deliver superior image quality, producing outstanding colour and gloss. They offer lower running costs, enhanced media support, and are durable with low maintenance, and come with comprehensive service and support.
Photography & Fine Art
Epson’s photo and fine art printers have long set the standard for colour and B&W image reproduction. Whether you are producing commercial photo prints, wedding albums, school photos or gallery-ready artwork, Epson says it has the solution.
The SureColor ProGraphic series has been designed for people who need to produce premium quality photo and fine art prints on paper, board, canvas and/or film. Heckeberg says, “They combine maximum print precision with high image stability, a high dMax, outstanding colour precision, and an unparalleled gamut range.”
The SureColor Production series has been designed for companies involved with large format imaging on a high-volume commercial basis, whether producing photo prints, posters, POS or wall art. According to Epson they combine a high print speed with low running costs and flexible media handling. Optional Postscript support enables accurate reproduction with a simple and efficient drag-n-drop interface while an optional Auto Take-Up System enables roll-to-roll production.
The SureLab range has been designed for photo labs, retailers and specialist photographers who need to produce commercial quality photo prints. Available in a choice of high-volume floor standing and compact low-cost desktop models, all offer fast and flexible production on a choice of gloss, lustre and matte media.
Epson says they offer versatile media support, outstanding image quality, with consistent and predictable output. They have large and cost effective ink cartridges, are easy to operate, and come with high speed interfacing, configurable on-site service and optional colour management.
SureColor P800
Epson has introduced the highly anticipated Epson SureColor P800, delivering professional quality photographic and fine art images in sizes up to A2 and larger using large cost-effective ink cartridges. 
The SC-P800 combines advanced UltraChrome HD pigment ink with Epson’s innovative MicroPiezo print head, to enable gallery-quality black-and-white output, as well as exhibition quality colour prints complete with blues and violets. 
Epson says it sets a new benchmark in terms of quality and flexibility with an outstanding colour gamut, the highest D-max to date and super-high resolution prints on a wide variety of media types. 
Designed for professional photographers, graphic artists and designers, it features enhanced networking, easy media loading and optional roll media support. It ships complete with a set of starter inks and an advanced software package.
SureColor P5070
The Epson SureColor Prographics range is aimed at those producing professional photography, gallery quality artwork or colour accurate proofs. Epson says it represents a pinnacle in colour printing technology with an ultra-high resolution and colour gamut. Heckenberg says, “It provides outstanding output in a platform that is flexible, reliable and easy to maintain.”
The SC-P5070 is a 17” (432mm) large format printer that is designed for premium photo, fine art, proofing and packaging design. It supports a wide range of standard and specialist media in roll and sheet formats. It features a PrecisionCore Thin Film (TFP) head with Variable Sized Droplet Technology that enables the output of images in high resolution with superior fidelity and tonal gradation. It uses Epson’s latest UltraChrome HDX all-pigment aqueous ink for accurate colour with an enhanced gamut, Dmax and image durability. The printer uses a ten-colour ink configuration with two levels of black, a choice of a third black or alternative Violet ink for outstanding colour and B&W prints with up to 99 per cent Pantone coverage. An optional SpectroProofer (ILS30) is available for precision colour management and ISO standard proofing work.
SureLab D700
The Epson SureLab series is a versatile and compact range of commercial photo and photo merchandise printers. They are designed for use in retail and by businesses, in photo mini-labs and pro labs, at events, tourist destinations and entertainment venues, by professional photographers and designers. They will print photos as well as value-added material including greeting cards, invitations, awards, menus, order forms, product brochures and promotional leaflets. 
They employ advanced dry-film print technology which requires no special consumable handling processes, ventilation, or expensive periodic servicing. Printers run off a standard power supply and have minimal space requirements. They use cost-effective aqueous dye ink to produce output with superior colour, resolution and control. They are quick to start, can be operated with minimum training, and are easy to maintain.
Posters & Graphics
Epson says its poster and graphic printers provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for production of promotion and display materials. Heckenberg says, “Whether you are producing posters, POS displays, presentation artwork, or other graphics, Epson has the solution.”
The SureColor Production series has been designed for quality output at high-speed. Printers combine a high colour range with fast print speeds and a low running cost. Models come in a range of sizes to suit different output widths and can be ordered with optional high-speed Postscript and an Auto Take-Up for maximum workflow efficiency. Epson says they offer flexible production, wide media support, superior image quality, choice of cartridge sizes, efficient operation, low running costs, configurable on-site service and optional colour management.
SureColor P20070
The SureColor Production 20070 is a 64” (1,626mm) large format printer that is designed for medium-high volume graphic, fine art and poster printing. It supports a wide range of roll and sheet based media and features an all new PrecisionCore MicroTFP print head with Variable Sized Droplet Technology for output with what Epson says is superior resolution, gradations and colour density. It uses Epson UltraChrome Pro all-pigment aqueous ink for quality colour and premium B&W output that the company says is consistent, predictable and durable. The SC-P 20070 cartridges feature an extra-large capacity for extended operation with a low cost per print due to the new PrecisionCore printhead and reduced running costs. The printer ships with an output bin for cut sheets as well as an optional Auto-Take-Up system for continuous roll to roll production.
SureColor T7200D
The SC-T7200D features Epson’s latest PrecisionCore print head and aqueous UltraChrome ink chemistry. It will print an B0 image in as little as 70 seconds, with output that dries almost instantly to be water and rub resistant. Epson says it is cost-effective to run, with low power and low ink consumption. Ink ships in a range of cartridge sizes to suit different production and cost-per-print requirements. 
Designed for business and corporate environments, the printer features all front loaded consumables with dual rolls, a small footprint, and support for installation against a wall or in a corner. It ships with a suite of software that enables easy printing from office and CAD/GIS applications complete with job costing and remote management facilities. 
An optional HDD is available for efficient workgroup operation with print server and reprint functionality. The printer can be ordered with an optional a high-speed Postscript® module for design and poster work, and a wide format scanner for full MFP scan, copy and document sharing functionality.
Fabric & Merchandise
Epson’s fabric and merchandise printers are designed to enable rapid and cost-effective production of printed goods and material. Heckenberg says, “Whether you are producing clothing, sportswear, soft-signage or gifts, Epson has a solution. 
“Our printers offer flexible output capabilities with easy management and low maintenance. All models are backed with Epson warranties and on-site service.
Epson says they are compact, fast and flexible and cost effective to run. They come with a convenient ink system, rip software is included.
SureColor F9200
When the Epson SureColor Fabric DS series was first released it represented a new era; designed from the ground up for dye sublimation, it provided one of the first turn-key single-vendor production platforms. Heckenberg says, “Today it continues to lead the way with predictable, consistent and superior image quality that is augmented with a range of models to suit different production requirements.”
The SC-F9200 combines wide format output with low running costs, and efficient roll-to-roll operation. It suits production of clothing, soft signage, and printed fabrics. Prints are made on paper which is then transferred (sublimated) via a heat press onto material that contains a polyester base or has received a polyester pre-treatment. It is designed to operate in conjunction with a calendar style heat press. It combines Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore print head technology with UltraChrome DS ink, a large continuous ink supply system (CISS), 64” wide print engine with media output heater, and Auto Take-Up. 
Dual print heads enable high resolution output with adjustable dot sizing, precise ink density and placement control at high speed. The ink supports a wide range of industry standard transfer media with output that Epson says is cost-effectiveand has predictable and precise colour. The engine, supply system and ATU all work together to facilitate continuous roll-to-roll printing at speeds up to 100sqm per hour.
SureColor F2000
The SureColor Fabric series has been designed from the ground up to ensure what Epson says is superior quality, performance, and reliability when imaging on cloth, garments, and merchandise. 
The F2000 is a Direct To Garment (DTG) printing platform for work involving cotton based shirts, caps, bags, and promotional items. Prints can be made to pre-cut fabric or directly onto a finished garment with a heat press then used to fix the dye. It enables production of customised and value-added goods with high impact and good wash/wear durability. The printing platform and the ink have been developed together, both by Epson. Heckeberg says, “This integrated approach not only ensures exceptional image quality with reduced running costs, but also enhanced mechanical durability with a reduced maintenance burden. The system is quick to install, easy to operate and offers fast, flexible production for low volume applications.”

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