EFI releases new DFE for Fuji Xerox

EFI releases new DFE for Fuji Xerox
New Fiery DFE made for the Versant 3100 and 180

Electronics for Imaging is releasing four new Fiery DFE especially for the Fuji Xerox Versant series.

The new Fiery DFEs feature the latest FS200 Pro system software and hardware platform, delivering Fiery performance to EFI, Xerox and leading third party workflow solutions.

The four Fiery DFE models include the new EX-P and EX 3100 print servers powered by Fiery for the Fuji Xerox Versant 3100 Press, and the EX and EX-i 180 print servers powered by Fiery for the Fuji Xerox Versant 180 Press.

EFI says the new Fiery servers display the Xerox and Fiery-exclusive 10-bit, 1200dpi processing technology leveraged in the Fiery ultra smooth gradients feature. First available in the Xerox Versant 2100 and 80 Presses, EFI says this technology goes beyond traditional 8-bit rendering to help eliminate stair stepped gradient shades common in digital printing of vector images.

The new Fiery servers are using the new Fiery NX hardware platform, operators can use Fiery QuickTouch software through a built-in touchscreen display on the server to get faster views of job status information and easily perform key device management functions. With just a tap, the touchscreen display gives operators easy access to intuitive system installation, backup and restore functions as well as to system diagnostics information.

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The NX servers are housed in the new Fiery NX Station GL, which EFI says has a 20 per cent smaller footprint than previous Fiery work stations. Features such as a large work area, wireless keyboard and mouse, sliding server shelf, and storage compartments help improve operator productivity.

John Henze, vice president of marketing, EFI Fiery says, "The Fiery DFEs launching today for the new Fuji Xerox Versant Presses demonstrate the latest advancements in digital production colour technology. Fuji Xerox users can maximise their press' capabilities with a no compromise product that allows them to grow their businesses and meet the highest production demands."

Ragni Mehta, vice president and general manager, Cut Sheet Business, Xerox says, "We are pleased to continue our strong partnership with EFI to bring the most advanced digital front ends to the market. The new Fiery servers, combined with the latest in Xerox Versant Press technology, allow our customers to increase shop productivity while delivering on their most urgent image quality and colour accuracy needs."

The new Fiery servers are immediately available from Xerox or authorized Xerox resellers.


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