PMP closes second plant

PMP closes second plant
PMP facility in Wacol, QLD is the second plant to be closed

PMP has closed its Wacol facility in Brisbane, putting 76 people out of work, making it the second out of three plants it plans to close this year.

PMP says it continues to make good progress on the further consolidation of its operation and it moves fully to implement the synergy plan since its merger with IPMG. It says it is working constructively with the AMWU in the process.

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As part of the newly merged entity of PMP and IPMG to reap synergy benefits, it announced three plants owned by the company needed to be closed.

Earlier this month, PMP closed the Victoria IPMG Hannan Print Nobel Park print facility with 100 people made redundant.

The third closure will be made in the next couple of months. 


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