Fuji Xerox Printers to redefine managed print services market

Fuji Xerox Printers to redefine managed print services market
Fuji Xerox Printers is set to affect the Managed Print Service (MPS) for the Small and Medium Businesses market with the launch of PagePack, a wholesale MPS program that is dedicated to providing resellers complete control over their customer relationships.
PagePack provides customers with a fixed price per page cost model for printing in-house. Customers are only charged a fixed cost per page basis, irrespective of how much toner or other consumables are used.

PagePack resellers have the ability to customise and rebrand PagePack as their own MPS offering.

Tom Lewis, Marketing Manager of Fuji Xerox Printers said, "With other vendors' managed print service programs, resellers may have to concede control of their customer relationships to vendors. With PagePack, Fuji Xerox Printers will provide the infrastructure for resellers to implement their own MPS program, allowing them to own and manage all aspects of their customer relationships and control their profit margins."

Fuji Xerox Printers will manage the delivery of consumables to customers and provide resellers with page count information. Resellers will be responsible for billing and customer service support. Technical service support can be provided either through resellers or by Fuji Xerox Printers.

For further information, contact Fuji Xerox Printers at 1300 793 769 or visit www.fujixeroxprinters.com.au/pagepack.

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