Unite marriage with USW to create global union

Unite marriage with USW to create global union
Print union Unite is to sign an agreement with a US private sector union to create a new global body representing 3m workers.

Unite's marriage to USW, the largest private sector union in the US, will lead to a new union called Workers Uniting, which will include members from Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

One of the core aims of the new union is to synchronise collective bargaining in companies with operations on both sides of the Atlantic.

"This agreement will enable us to use our considerable resources to organise workers from new and growing sectors at home and in developing counties," said Tony Woodley, joint general secretary of Unite.

"There will be no more no-go areas for trade unions."

According to Unite, the tie-up is a response to the challenges of globalisation and, in particular, the growth of casual employment and downward wage pressure affecting workers in Europe and North America.

The new body will also have significant political clout. Unite is the Labour Party's biggest affiliate and donor and the USW is a major contributor to, and supporter of, the Democrats in America and the New Democrats in Canada.

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