Star product: Arctic Volume Collection

Star product: Arctic Volume Collection
Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper has revamped its Arctic Volume collection of high-bulk, matt, fully-coated papers with two new shades, HighWhite and Ivory.

The range, which also features White, targets the graphical and publishing sectors, particularly focusing on the high-quality, four-colour book and magazine markets.

Key features include the papers’ bulk, high-opacity and stiffness. “The expected growth area for these sheets will be in the magazine sector. The sheets give magazines the illusion of extra bulk, but they are in fact a lot lighter,” said the firm’s managing director, Garry Colyer. 

The latest additions to the collection, HighWhite and Ivory, are available in grammages between 90-250gsm. White is available between 90-300gsm, and between 390-715gsm in a laminated paper sheet. All are FSC certified. 


Description: high-bulk, matt, fully-coated paper
Cost: dependant on specification

Source: PrintWeek

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