I swear by my: PaperCo 9lives 80

I swear by my: PaperCo 9lives 80
The Love Food Hate Waste full colour brochure is part of a Waste & Resources Action Programme (Wrap) campaign being run by Kent County Council in the UK.

Because this was a recycling issue it was appropriate to use a recycled sheet. We wanted a 170gsm paper that had the right environmental credentials and that would run well on press. That is why 9lives 80 coated paper was used and it performed well on our Speedmaster SM 74-5. It’s a nice sheet and we would use it again and recommend it to others. We produced 50,000 copies of the Love Food Hate Waste brochure, which is a 215x215mm product with a shortened cover to reveal words inside. It runs to 14 pages, six for the cover and eight for the text.

Tony Humblestone, director, Unique Printflo

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