Muller Martini Tigra

Muller Martini Tigra
With over 750 installations worldwide, the Tigra perfect binder proved to be a popular entry-level machine for book printers. The Muller Martini machine was unveiled in 1997 to replace the 1987 Panda perfect binder. The Tigra was a one-shot hot melt machine with traditional glue rollers submerged in a heated gluepot. This was connected to a pre-melter, with a separate gluepot for the side glue. After nine years of service, the Tigra was replaced by the Pantera, which was launched at Ipex 2006.
There were no major changes made to the Tigra during its life cycle but, according to dealers, its ease of set-up has meant continued demand. However, its modest speed of 3,600 books per hour has limited the machine to the entry-level sector.

The Tigra works by feeding gathered books by hand or from the gatherer, which are then run over a vibrator belt on to the infeed roller table. “Here they get positioned in a hinge clamp and then are guided right away over the milling or roughing head,” says Peter Freeman, used equipment division manager at Muller Martini.

High demand

Four line scoring prepares the cover before it is positioned on the oscillating nipping station table; the cover then gets pressed and nipped. Next the clamp opens and the book drops vertically on to the belt. At the end of the channel the book is directed either left or right and pushed gently into the horizontal position. “What typically follows is a conveyor system leading into a three-knife trimmer,” says Freeman.

Book width    
Min: 100mm
Max: 285mm
Book thickness     
Min: 2mm
Max: 40mm
Min: 1,000bph
Max: 3,000 bph

What to look for
• Wear on the glue tank roller shaft seals and gears, clamp springs, cover feed scoring and transfer area, which could affect book-to-cover alignment

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