DSTI adds to eco team

DSTI adds to eco team
DSTi Output has beefed up its eco credentials by adding 11 new members to its British environmental team to support recently appointed manager Lucy Klinkenberg.
They will help spearhead environmental improvements throughout the company.

“This is not just about jumping on the green bandwagon, it’s about investing in the future,” said chief executive Tim Delahay.

“It’s too easy to say you have a commitment to running an environmentally friendly business, it’s another thing to actually do so.”

They aim to cut electricity use by 5 per cent in two years, identify extra waste streams for recycling and improve plastic and landfill-waste baling to cut landfill volumes by 10 per cent.

The team will also aim to reduce power consumption by tweaking dryer temperatures and working with suppliers to develop reusable packaging and cut cardboard waste by 15 per cent.

Klinkenberg said: “By simply regulating power outputs and monitoring waste, we have reduced our impact on the environment and streamlined business processes.”

Her team was developed to make the most of a new environmental-management system and ISO 14001 certification.

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