Océ presses gain Pantone colour systems approval

Océ presses gain Pantone colour systems approval
Océ has won Pantone's stamp of approval for two of its full-colour printing systems.
The company's VarioStream 9240 and ColorStream 10000 presses, supported by Océ Prisma workflow software, have won approval for use of the Pantone Matching and Goe system colours.

The Pantone approval underlines Océ's competence in colour printing and colour data processing, said Guy Broadhurst, vice president for Océ North America.

Digital colour has great potential for growth and now our customers are well placed to take advantage of more opportunities.

Combining Pantone technologies with our digital systems gives graphic arts customers reliable full colour for a variety of colour-dependent applications.

Andy Hatkoff, vice president of Pantone’s advanced colour technology division, said: People using Océ systems can now be assured of the best possible representations of the Pantone Matching and Goe system colours."

Océ kit and software systems could now guarantee the precise transmission of Pantone colour information for production security and quality.

Its VarioStream 9240 system operates with high cost efficiency for black-and-white, one or two spot colours, or CMYK four-colour process printing.

Océ’s ColorStream 10000 powers through over 5m full-colour, letter-size images a month, making it one of the world's fastest toner-based full-colour presses.

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