Chinese printing industry 'set for rapid growth'

Chinese printing industry 'set for rapid growth'
Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC) has said it expects Chinese printing to develop rapidly with an expected annual rate of 8 per cent in the coming years.
The national trade association held a conference at drupa on June 2, where it highlighted print trends: digitising, diversification, speed to market and networking.

Wang Demao, vice chairman of PEIAC, said he expected to see rapid development in digital and inkjet printing in China.

For over a decade, he said Chinese print had been experiencing a tremendous period of growth, peaking at around 10 per cent annually.

According to the association's statistics, the total turnover of China's printing industry reached RMB 440bn ($AU67.2bn) in 2007. It is said to employ around 3.9m people spread across 100,000 printing businesses.

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