Komori reveals next generation LS40 technology

Komori has revealed the latest incarnation of its LS40 technology - the 18,000 sph Lithrone SX40 - at drupa 2008.
The machine has higher-speed fully automatic plate change, in order to help increase the speed for job-to-job changeover.

It can change six plates in approximately two minutes and, when used with the KHS-AI self-learning system, can reduce changeover time between jobs by 35 per cent.

Komori is showing eight offset presses ranging in size from the B2 Spica 529P, up to the System 38S 16-page web.

Separately, the company said it was investing around £50m in expanding its flagship Tsukuba factory with plans to double it in size by the end of next year.

It is also investing in a new international Graphic Technology Center at the site, to provide demonstration and training facilities across the full range of presses. This concept will be rolled out globally over the next few years, starting in Prague and in Kuala Lumpur later this year.

Yoshiharu Komori, president and chief executive of Komori Corporation, said: "Response to the quality and flexibility of our new presses that fulfil the market's need for automation, flexible configurations, quality and return on investment, has been phenomenal. Our aim is to achieve a market share of 30 per cent within five years."

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