Star product: post-press – Autobond Mini 76 TPE-H

Star product: post-press – Autobond Mini 76 TPE-H
Launched in February, the Mini 76 TPE-H is a dual function laminator-encapsulator. UK manufacturer Autobond reckons this machine will “revolutionise the business of encapsulating”. The product can encapsulate and laminate at a speed of 60m per minute, either single- or double-sided.
Switching from one mode to the other is straightforward, according to the firm, while entering a sheet automatically sets the feeder and the front lays, together with the sheet and web transport systems including the cross-cutter. Film thickness ranges from 25-250 micron and the Mini 76 can handle stocks of up to 650gsm. The machine is priced at £120,000.

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